About Nick Oakley

About Nick Oakley

I am a full-time landscape photographer based in Haslemere, Surrey.

Natural spaces have been close to my heart from an early age, and initially being out in the open was enough. Being curious, I developed a habit of looking closely and finding enjoyment from the complexity or simplicity of natural details. Over time I realised that witnessing for myself was not enough and through photography began sharing my wonder. Making images through photography not only fulfils a desire to experience the world, but also enables me to extend my emotional connection with nature long after both of us have moved on. Each of the images in these galleries is a glimpse from the landscape that has touched me enough to share and experience it with other people.

Images that resonate with me the most draw on the mood of the seasons, or the weather and my own response to the landscape. Recognising the nuances of any landscape may be a lifetime’s work or can sometimes happen in an instant: but whether incorporating forces of nature or movement, elements of light and shade or scale, I hope to feel and share my own emotional response from an image.

When the elements for a great image are present but I know that, on their own, they might not inspire a second look, I will look at the landscape through multiple exposures. Making one multiple-exposure photograph with two or more images often requires more creativity and experimentation but opens up a much more personal interpretation of the world that can be both compelling and rewarding. The final print is not a real part of the world you could go to and see for yourself. However, the magic is that your brain automatically knows this is something new and your mind is drawn through the unusual blend of depth, subtlety and richness on its way to making sense of what you can see. When the unexpectedness an image captivates your mind in this way, the mystery and wonder of possibilities are awoken.

The final journey for any image is the print. A photograph on a website or social media is ephemeral and transient at best. The print is a tangible, perceptible, physical, solid connection to the moments or hours spent making the photograph at the beginning its journey. On paper that moment truly lives on.


I’ve been using Canon cameras and lenses since the 1990’s, moving from 35mm film to slide and now to digital photography. My Canon 5D Mk III gives me enough pixels in a full-frame sensor to keep me happy at the moment as well as the option to take multiple-exposure images. Although I prefer the quality offered by fixed focal length lenses, the reality of humping a bag packed with lenses and the desire to create the images I want “in-camera” has lead to a compromise. I need some flexibility at the shorter end and carry a 16-35mm f/4 zoom as well as a 24-70mm zoom. For multiple exposure work I generally prefer one lens and currently use (and highly recommend) the Canon 70-300mm f/4-5.6 zoom.

Virtually every photograph I shoot is taken using a tripod in the hope of achieving sharp, clear images even under close scrutiny. I currently use a Manfrotto 055 carbon fibre tripod with a modified geared head.

Please feel free to contact me if you have questions, comments, or suggestions. And thank you for visiting!

Nick Oakley in action from Nick Oakley Photography!

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