• April Newsletter 2020

Hello, and welcome to my April Newsletter.

I hope this finds you well, happy and adapting to these extraordinary times with your own positive spin. While we wait to see how and when the tide starts to turn, I wanted to let you know where my little corner of the art world is currently focused and what you can expect next.


The AppArt exhibition this year promised much as both myself and my wife, artist Clare Bowen, had three pictures in. The organisers sadly had to cancel this, their 25th year show, which was due to run over the Easter break at Priorsfield school near Godalming. There is no news if this exhibition is to be run later in the year.

My images for the AppArt exhibition, including Autumn Calm (above) and Two trees at dawn (below), are lounging at the framers awaiting pick-up during the next non-essential journey reprieve.

The Surrey Artists’ Open Studios (SAOS) event, usually run in June, has been postponed pending developments. This would have been our 6th year of opening and we had teamed up with seven other local artists to create an Arts Trail in our area.  The good news is that SAOS have proposed running the programme between Saturday 19th September and Sunday 4th October. 

Dawn, Newlands Corner


Since last year, my main focus has been out in the wilds of Surrey finding the best locations in the countryside to photograph and planning my next visits.

At 768 square miles, Surrey is slightly smaller than average whilst still offering plenty of challenges in getting around - the roads dropping off the North Downs seem to be narrower than most Cornish lanes. However, the space seems bigger just for the lack of people out there, even in normal times, and it is a real pleasure to find different perspectives at the edges of our woods, waterways, agricultural and common land.

It is my hope that by the middle of September and the Open Studios that I will be in a position to showcase more of my Surrey images and encourage a gentle surge out into the countryside. If anyone has any secret corners they would like to share, do get in touch.


If you would like to see what I am up to on a more regular basis, I am now much more active on these clickable social media platforms:

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  • LinkedIn - possibly their most inactive member ever but this is my only public commitment to leverage it up my to-do list - any requests to connect here would be a welcome push!

and finally…

Should you know someone who may be interested in my landscape photography images, please share this newsletter with them and help me spread the word.

All the best and take care


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